Timothy L. James

Firm Name - James Law, PC

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Telephone No. - 6056650594
Fax No. - 6056640594
Website - www.yankton.lawyer
Biography - Tim James was born and raised in Yankton, South Dakota. He graduated from the University of South Dakota School of Law with honors as a member of the Thomas Sterling Honor Society. Tim was a law clerk to the United States District Court of South Dakota, Western Division. After practicing in a large Chicago litigation firm, Tim returned to Yankton and started the law firm that is known today as James Law, PC. ​Tim and his wife, Terry, enjoy their grandkids and their three dogs. "Growing up in Yankton, I know that people believe hard work and integrity will result in success. I try to bring these values to my practice. Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules and to some a handshake and their word doesn't count for much. That's when people may find they need a lawyer. I have devoted the bulk of my career to fighting for the underdog. I guess it runs in the family. Growing up, I heard my dad refer to those he trusted and respected as "salt of the earth." Those folks are my clients. If you're a silver-spooner, a snob or a bully - I'm likely not the lawyer for you. Just because I come from the "sticks" doesn't mean I fell off a turnip truck. I've taken on the big insurance companies, hospitals and even other lawyers when they failed at their responsibilities to their patients and clients. Sure, they've roughed me up some - but I'm still in the fight. I'm not impressed with their money, power or political influence. I work for you. The only guarantee I can make is that I will try hard. If you have been injured or wronged, I'd be proud to have an opportunity to evaluate your case.​​"
State of Practice - South Dakota

Address - 311 Walnut Street,Yankton,South Dakota,United States