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Biography - Sam Salhab is devoted to providing the finest and most competent legal services to his clients. The way the criminal justice system is run today, people who are charged with crimes often feel like they have little say in the type of legal representation they receive. Oftentimes, they feel like the lawyer that they have has done little or nothing to move their case forward, or that they are being forced into a “deal” or plea bargain that is not in their best interests. They have not received their police reports, or seen a copy of their complaint. Sam believes that every client deserves personalized attention when it comes to their legal matter, and this is why Sam’s services are so sought after. Here is a small biography describing Sam’s roots in the legal field and his approach to helping clients. Sam developed time management skills, a strong work ethic, and an ability to effectively manage people and information as a law student at the Thomas Jefferson School Of Law in San Diego, California. Specifically, Sam served as Secretary of the on-campus chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild, an organization devoted to making sure that human rights always trump corporate rights. Sam also served as President of the law school’s Entertainment Law Society. During Sam’s tenure at these organizations, he organized large on-campus symposiums and spent extensive time coordinating keynote speakers and raising funds. While in law school, Sam gained valuable skills in criminal defense at the San Diego County Office of the Public Defender. As a legal intern, his responsibilities included assisting with misdemeanor arraignments, counseling clients, providing legal research, and drafting memoranda on criminal procedure and evidentiary issues. In fact, Sam’s advocacy of civil rights and liberties while in law school earned him the Charles T. Bumer Civil Libertarian award, which is conferred to individuals demonstrating a continued effort and dedication toward protecting and defending the civil liberties of the indigent. Finally, Sam passionately represented the indigent of Fresno County at the Law Offices of the Public Defender and as appointed conflict counsel for Cuimmo & Associates. Sam’s responsibilities include felony and misdemeanor trials, pre-trial motions, investigations, preliminary hearings, and motions. Sam has conducted over fifteen jury trials, and managed a case load including three “strikes” and other life top cases. Sam was also a lead attorney in Fresno County’s D.U.I. Court Pilot Program, which aimed to find sentencing alternatives for third time D.U.I. offenders in order to avoid the mandatory 120 day minimum jail time where the third offense occurred within a 10 year period. While managing a heavy caseload, Sam have been able to provide high quality legal counsel to each one of his clients, which he take great pride in.

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