Rachel A. Elovitz

Firm Name - Elovitz / O\'Nan, LLC

Email - Rachel.Elovitz@eofamilylaw.com

Telephone No. - 404-662-2240
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Website - eofamilylaw.com
Biography - Rachel A. Elovitz has been practicing family law since 1996, for 21 years. Her domestic relations practice includes assisting fathers in legitimating their sons and daughters, helping unmarried mothers establish the paternity of their children's fathers and obtain child support from them, assisting grandparents in obtaining visitation rights with their grandchildren, preparing prenuptial agreements for future spouses, advocating for parents in divorce and custody cases, representing the interests of children in custody and dependency (abuse and neglect) proceedings, and mediating divorce, domestic violence, and custody matters. Rachel has also served as an "OGAL" (outside guardian ad litem) and child advocate for the Juvenile Court of DeKalb County for over a decade.

Honored Area of Practice

State of Practice - Georgia

Address - 38 Old Ivy Road NE, Suite 150,Atlanta,GA,United States