James W Crowson

Firm Name - Crowson Law Group

Email - james@crowsonlaw.com

Telephone No. - 9076779393
Fax No. - 9076779310
Website - crowsonlaw.com
Biography - James grew up in a small town in North Carolina, where he learned to value hard work and commitment. He attended North Carolina State University, where he received degrees in Biochemistry and Zoology. James originally planned to attend medical school, but discovered toward the end of his college career that he had an aptitude and a love for the law. So, James attended law school at the University of Georgia, where he received his Juris Doctor in law. Because of his strong medical and science background, his first job in law was with a medical malpractice defense firm in Atlanta, Georgia. James soon learned that representing doctors and insurance companies was not a very good fit for someone who favored the individual. Time and again James was on the side of the corporation that trampled over the individual’s rights. Determined to use what he had learned working with some of the best insurance defense lawyers in the country to help individuals rather than insurance companies, James opened his own law firm in his native state of North Carolina. Since then, James has represented thousands of people against insurance companies, and has also used his litigation skills to fight for wrongly accused death row inmates in Tennessee – successfully assisting two death row inmates have their death sentences overturned. In 2010 James fulfilled a long-time goal by coming to Alaska and making it his home. He began assisting with commercial litigation cases, but it was not long before his preference for helping individuals over corporations compelled him to open another law firm to help injured people. The Crowson Law Group opened its doors for the first time in 2011. Since then, hundreds of Alaskans have turned to James for help with their injury cases, and the Crowson Law Group has already acquired a reputation among insurance companies and their counsel as an able adversary
State of Practice - Alaska

Address - 637 A Street,Anchorage,AK,USA